Applications, services and other resources that are based on open data of the Verkhovna Rada



Mobile application for tracking drafts of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers and MPs.

1991 OpenData Incubator


Plugin for Microsoft Word for working with legal acts.

Project by 1991 OpenData Incubator



Follow how MPs vote and find out about their true position.

Web-based service



Know what the most spoken Ukrainian politics.

Project by Civic Network OPORA

Зрада чи перемога?

Z - бо Верховна

Visualization of transitions deputies at all convocations.

Infographics, analyze and visualization of open data resource.



Index of usefulness of people's deputies.

If you have any information about interesting or useful applications, services and analytical resources, which visualize the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine send it, please, to administrator of the Open Data Portal .

Terms of use

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